Ski boots:

the promise of comfort and performance finally kept?

It’s the story of an engineer who didn’t want to hurt in his ski boots anymore…

…It all starts with a ski touring outing where the founder of zUFO has the intuition that the current technology of the ski boot does not ask the right questions.

The ski boot is an object that transmits the efforts between the body and the ski. In the case of force transmission, the ski boot must be treated as a mechanical object. As research progresses, intuition turns into conviction.

After several months of research and three patents filed, the zUFO concept was born, the first modular and eco-designed ski boot, without rigid shell or hook.

A different ski boot:

And if we could… ?

Free the feet from the rigid plastic shells of ski boots?

Put on and take off your ski boots in comfort ?

Free yourself from the heat “pressure cooker” or the cold on your feet, have a real thermal comfort in your ski boots?

Walking naturally with ski boots on your feet?

Have a ski boot that is both light for comfort and rigid for control that would allow a versatile practice?

Have a custom-made ski boot that adapts to all morphologies ?

Have a sustainable ski boot that improves the environmental and societal impact ?

These questions identify all the challenges we face. We are working on all these topics and are hopeful that we will solve them. Ready for the zUFO revolution ?

Our Values

icon pied avec sourire

Conviction and humility

Icon flocon de neige en noir

Rationality and simplicity

icon pied avec sourire

Pleasure and respect

Our Mission
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Restoring comfort to all skiers
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Democratizing access to skiing
Icon ampoule avec Z de zufo à l'intérieur
Inspiring idea developers
Skieur qui descend la pente beau temps belle neige
Skieur qui descend la pente belle neige beau temps chaussures de ski confortables

Our vision

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As parabolic skis did with straight skis, we believe that exoskeletons will replace rigid shells ski boots. Thanks to its patented technology, zUFO will be a key player in the next ski boots market replacement.

The stages of the project

Icon rond rouge et certificat blanc

Registration of Patents and Trademark zUFO ski boots


Icon rond rouge et icon ski

First Proof Of Concept P0, Ski Boots tested in real conditions


Icon rond bleu avec feuille dans une main

Development to move from P1 to P4, the functional + desirable + viable + eco-designed Ski Boots


Icon rond rouge avec sac portant le z de la marque

Testing in Ski Resorts


A word from the founder

“At ZUFO, we believe that every technical problem has a solution.

Skiing has seen a lot of innovations for equipment (clothes, masks, helmets, skis…), but one thing has not changed in 50 years: shoes with rigid plastic shell and hooks that offer unsatisfactory comfort.”